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He really had no tooth!

Yes, Yes, I knew it. I’ve been telling my friends that there was no way that the tooth lost in the hangover was CGI. Stu (Ed Helms) puts his tongue through the hole and picks at it. CGI is good, but for a comedy it can’t be that good. So how did they do the tooth trick. An interview with Helms reveals this:

Interviewer: “The missing tooth, how did they do that?”

Ed Helms: "When I was 15 I lost a tooth and had an implant put in. Cut to 20 years later, I'm doing this part and the script calls for my character to lose a tooth. We did some camera tests blacking it out, we made a prosthetic with a gap in it, but that made me look like a donkey, so I vetoed that right away. And then I just finally called my dentist and said, 'You know, I've had this implant for 20 years. What's it involve in taking it out?' And he said, 'It’s actually not that big a deal. We can do that.' So we took it out and I was toothless for three months, for the run of the movie."

Interviewer: So you really sacrificed for the part, having nothing there.
Ed Helms: "I take my job very seriously."

Interviewer: So they didn't write this part specifically for you, knowing you had that implant in your mouth?

Ed Helms: "No, I think they wrote it for me knowing that I, hopefully, have some chops as an actor. At least that’s the way I think about it."

So there, in your face to everyone who doubted my keen eye.
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