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Production has begun on "The Hobbit"

Finally, "The Hobbit" has begun production as hobbit holes are being built in Matamata, New Zealand. The film is scheduled to start shooting asap. There will be two films scheduled to be shot simultaneously: "The Hobbit" and it’s sequel(?). Since there is no sequel to The Hobbit (excluding LOTR), I think they are just breaking "The Hobbit" up into two movies for both better story telling and better profit. Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh of the "The Lord of the Rings" will be set as executive producers, but it is (da da da daaa) Guilermo del Toro that will be directing ("Pan's Labrinth" and "Hell Boy II"). They could not have picked a better director to take up the reigns! Only a director with a sense of epic action and a touch of horror could make The Hobbit films in the same tone as the LOTR movies; Toro can do just that. The movies are set to release in the upcoming two Decembers (2010 and 2011). For more information, read the official blog site The Hobbit Blog
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