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Finally, news about "The Game of Thrones" HBO adaptation!

Hollywood Reporter has given us something I have been wanting for quite sometime: News about "The Game of Thrones". The HBO series based on the George R.R. Martin books The Song of Ice and Fire is set to start filming in Ireland in October of this year.

Sean Bean (Borimir of "Lord of the rings") is to play the beloved Eddard Stark of Winterfell. Personally I think aside from the blonde hair (which strikes me as being more lannister), Bean is perfect. He has the chizzled features and the facial hair I imagined. I think some black hair dye will give him the dark hue of the Starks.Playing another dead guy Bean?
Mark Addy is set to play King Robert Baratheon. The only two places I know this guy from are Roland from a "Knight’s tale" and Fred in the atrocious second Flinstones movie ("Viva rock vegas"). I think this guy is actually a really good fit, as long as he can play the serious part better than he does comedy.Just imagine him in King's garb
Kit Harrington has been cast as Jon Snow. I don’t know anything about this Harrington fellow, but Jon is my character, so I pray that this no-name can represent. I have faith.
Harry Lloyd will play the power hungry, powerless, Viserys.
Jack Gleeson will play Joffery Baratheon, the son of King Robert and hier to the Throne of Swords.
The best news yet, Peter Dinklage is set to play the one and only Tyrion Lannister. Tyrion is my favorite character in the series, and Dinklage is my favorite dwarf. This must be destiny.The motherf***ing man

One aspect I am slightly pensive about is director Tomas McCarthy. Clearly Tom has talent, watch just a few minutes of "The Station Agent", or "The Visitor", and you can see it. However, neither of these movies is either epic or of the medieval tone. Don’t worry, I am keeping the faith because after all, who thought Jackson was going to do what he did.

I guess the worst news is that neither screenplay writer has anything of consequence under their belt; David Benioff ("Troy", "Stay", "X-men Origins”) D.B. Weiss ("The Game"). But keep the faith!

For those who aren't in the loop, The Song of Ice and Fire is a story that revolves around many great battles between seven great families (with that number growing) for control of the Iron Throne. Not only does the Iron Throne bestow power over the seven kingdoms, but it ensures survival through the looming 40-year winter to come.

For those who are in the loop, what do you think of the casting choices?
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