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The Spirit(2008)

Everyone Can Agree
Wow, just terrible

This movie is terrible with no redeeming qualities. It never finds its tone as it can’t make up its mind between being a kids movie and a graphic novel adaptation. I’m sure some of you men doubt that the women in this movie aren’t redeeming, Scarlett, Eva, Jamie. Trust me, I hoped this to be the case too, and I was sorely slapped in the face. I assure you that the women are no more redeeming than Sam Jackson. The movie has a bad premise, bad acting, bad style choice and bad everything else. Don’t see this. Take your money and just throw it in the trash. The only difference then is that you will not have wasted two hours of your life.


The movie starts out with a standard “don’t judge me yet” intro in which we get the crime noir feel with hints of ”Sin City”. We then meet the villains of the movie who seem to be potentially entertaining and the overall feel of the movie might take with you if it proceeds accordingly. But then you are side blinded by with pure stupidity as The Octopus (Jackson) and the Spirit (Gabriel Macht) fight in the mud for five minutes. Nothing cool happens and no entertainment is had. Maybe the children in the audience would laugh at Jackson beating the Spirit with a toilet seat, but even that is wishful thinking for the film. Worried that the film would never recover from this stupidity, I watch 30 minutes further to find out that it doesn’t. I assure you by 1 hour and 30 minutes it’s only worse.

The plot
There is no story of interest, and what is there is too stupid for me to waste anymore sentences on.

Reasons to see it
There is no reason to see this movie. Not one! Sure the stylistic visuals are cool, but just watch "Sin City".

The Negatives
Suffice it to say there is nothing redeeming about this film. The script is terrible. The actresses, though very attractive, add nothing to the film, not even eye candy. Wearing near full turtle-necks, you would have to be pretty shallow to suffer this movie for a quick, unexciting towel scene with Mendes. In fact, it’s hard to tell why these women are in the movie and what role each of them is supposed to play. Either that or the script is too meaningless to discern them.

In summary…
...this movie is a complete waste of time and money. If you don’t value either, then this movie is still a waste of your life. See anything else excluding ghost rider and dumb and dumber and you will have spend your time infinitely better.
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