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The Dark Knight(2008)

Definitely dark


One of the best hero movies to date. It accomplishes the near impossible feat of besting "Batman Begins" and even enters the realm of Oscar nomination. A must see for action fans as this movie boasts some of the best sequences in the genre. However, I caution the sensitive viewer, as this movie can be dark and disturbing at times.


Wow. What a great movie. After seeing "Batman Begins" in 2005, I thought the franchise had peaked. There was no way you could convince me that Batman could be better. Then came "The Dark Knight". The story is solid (well written, well told) and revolves around a villain classic, the Joker. The hype of Heath Ledger's performance was legend well before the movie even hit the big screen, and like most, I was a big skeptic. I tell you now, Heath ledger is awe-inspiring in this role and should serve as an example to all actors who follow him. Know the role, read the source material, be the role, and be convincing. But ledger is not the only star in the film and performances are superb all around. The only major problem—at least to our ears—is the grating voice of Bale. Not that his native Australian rich tone bothers me, it’s the Batman cover-up voice that has got to go in future films (and there is sure to be another). I’m impressed that Bale can keep it up for so long without damage to his throat.

The plot
Batman has become an icon in Gotham City and crime rates have dropped. But leave it to the joker to disturb the peace. The joker (Ledger) is a psychopath that is bent on creating anarchy just for the sake of doing it--no motive and no regard for life, not even his own. Batman is now faced with a villain far worse than any he’s ever known and must bring him to justice.

Reasons to see it
All of them. Name something that you want to know is good about the film, and I’ll tell you that it is. The score, the acting, the plot, the dialogue, the visuals, the action, everything. Sepaking of action, this movie delivers. All catagories are represented in this film: combat, vehicle chase, shoot outs, infiltration, etc. This film in fact contains what I will claim to be one of the best action sequences I’ve ever seen.

The Negatives
I already mentioned the voice.
Other than that, the film runs a little long. The entirety of the 2.5 hours is entertaining (please don’t think otherwise), but with the addition of a plot twist toward the end, the extra length seems a little unnecessary. Again, it’s still very entertaining, but it was also very entertaining at 2 hours.

In summary…
…with a great story and lots of action, the movie can feel very dense after 2.5 hours. This is made more apparent by the very dark attitude of the new Batman films. This film is darker than its predecessor and can leave you emotionally drained by the end. So be warned,if movies like this are not your cup of tea (ex. "Seven" or "the Machinist",). But the flaw of being a little long is negligible when compared to the mountain of positives. A movie well worth watching.

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