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The Dark Knight(2008)

WARNING: Please do not continue reading unless you have either seen the movie or do not mind having aspects of the plot spoiled.

Just to finish up what I was saying before, that batman voice is obnoxious. That can’t be comfortable to speak with. It doesn’t even sound good. It’s even scary after a while and can become annoying. If I was a child and both Batman and the Joker were standing side by side, the Joker holding a knife and Batman with outstreched arms, and both calling me to them, I would pick the joker. That’s no way for a hero to speak.

But a more major gripe, why did they have Two-Face killed at the end of this movie (though some will say that he is not dead)? Not only does he add another 30 minutes to the movie, he has so much potential to be his own movie villain. He is created toward the end of the movie, kills two random crime lords, and then dies in an anticlimactic fall. If this was the story of some no-name villain, this would be fine. But this is Two-Face, a smart clever villain with all the characteristics to wreak havoc on Batman’s life. Though I will admit that he was very cool while he lasted, his charcter was a little robbed for storyline. I think they should have left the story at the hospital. Harvey escapes, steels a bus, and is never heard from again until the end of the flim in which he is sitting in an arm chair in a dark room, silently flipping his coin. Fade out, credits. This sets up the third movie (which has a hard act to follow) for a Two-Face and second villain combo. In my opinion they should use Bane. He is perfect for this new fanchise. His charcter is dark, and his sadomasicim outfit is disturbing. With his addiction to some strength enhancing drug in a city that is hunting Batman, a story almost writes itself. I feel a script coming to my fingertips now.

My final grief is that the movie is so miserable. Don’t ge me wrong, I loved the film. I watched it twice in theaters. But in all honesty, I like my hero flicks to be uplifting. This is why "Iron Man" rates my list higher than "The Dark Knight" (stop your booing). "The Dark Knight" is miserable for 2.5 hours and then has the audacity to end miserably as well. Batman doesn’t even win. He is charged a villain and chased into the darkness and credits. There is nothing happy about this movie except that Gotham isn’t left buring to the ground.

But then again, I’m just a dude, what do I know.

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