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Spartacus = '300' visuals + HBO's 'Rome' plot style + 'Gladiator' storyline

Let the bodies hit the floor
Finally a 'Rome' replacement. Despite your hopes, 'Sparacus: Blood and Sand' is not a movie title, it is the title of Starz's new series. Much like the deceased HBO series by the name of 'Rome', 'Spartacus will take us through a likely fictional history of the Roman empire.

I don't know much else about it, but watching the trailer should help you fill in most of the details by yourself. See trailer here
It seems that the show will essentially steal the premise of 'Gladiator', throw the '300' visual style on it, and run it for as many seasons as fans support it. I personally am all for this series. I was a big fan of 'Rome' and was disappointed when it was cancelled. But unlike Rome, this series will likely give us more of the good stuff, action. Hopefully the characters are as lovable as my boy Titus Pullo (Ray Stevenson).
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