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'Pirates of the Caribbean 4'...Booooo!

When I think Hollywood just wants to make everything into a trilogy, I find out that 4 is the new 3. Bringing about the same worries as 'Spiderman 4' , so too does 'Pirates of the Caribbean 4'.

Disney refuses to let a lucrative franchise end on a good note, and decides to make a forth. Actually, my mistake; 'Pirates 3' was terrible. In that case, I guess '4' can do no harm aside from annoy us. Scratch that, it is rumored that 'Pirates 4' is actually going to be the start of a new trilogy. Sigh, time to retire to the bomb shelter.
Whatever the case, Disney has pinned their director, surprising as it might be, as Rob Marshall. Who's that? Rob Marshall directed such little films as, oh, 'Chicago' and 'Memoirs of a Geisha' (ring any bells?). There's no denying that this director has talent, but I don't think even Peter Jackson could rescue the wreck that Gore Verbinski and company left the franchise in. Granted the final two movies grossed more than me or my family will ever be worth, we can all admit that they sort of sucked. But I guess Leterrier rescued the 'Hulk', which some thought impossible. So I guess we'll just have to see what else happens with this movie before we can make our judgements (ex. casting).
All I can say is that there is no 'Priates' without Jack Sparrow aka Johnny Depp in one of his most amazing roles. So until he is signed on, I don't know if I should run around spreading the prophecy of doom just yet.

What do you think, can an Oscar nominated director rebuild the franchise?
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