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Latest Cinema Commentary

The Last Airbender!

Should we be excited?
I hate M. Night Shyamalan! After the 'Sixth Sense" and "Unbreakable", he has been allowed to make movies out of any dream that he has. He wakes up in the mourning, writes down his dream, and some studio funds it. As a result, we have been fooled into seeing ‘The Village’, ‘Signs’, and worst of all ‘Lady in the water’. But that being said, I am stoked for his new movie: ‘The Last Airbender’.
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Spartacus = '300' visuals + HBO's 'Rome' plot style + 'Gladiator' storyline

Let the bodies hit the floor
Finally a 'Rome' replacement. Despite your hopes, 'Sparacus: Blood and Sand' is not a movie title, it is the title of Starz's new series. Much like the deceased HBO series by the name of 'Rome', 'Spartacus will take us through a likely fictional history of the Roman empire.
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'Pirates of the Caribbean 4'...Booooo!

When I think Hollywood just wants to make everything into a trilogy, I find out that 4 is the new 3. Bringing about the same worries as 'Spiderman 4' , so too does 'Pirates of the Caribbean 4'
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